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Ecomacchine S.p.A. was founded in June 1976 by Mr. G. Eva and Mr. E. Cavallero, Managing Director and Site Manager of Ing. Castagnetti & C. S.p.A. (Engineering Company of the FIAT Group) respectively, with the aim of satisfying a basic need of all the main Italian Engineering Companies operating in the waste water treatment field.
Ecomacchine S.p.A. has been the first manufacturer in Italy to design and make the whole range of machines employed for waste or primary water treatment plants. Previously, engineering companies had to design their own equipment and to have it manufactured by other workshops usually non-specialized.
This kind of organization encounted several disadvantages such as high costs of production, due to the absence of a scale economy; moreover the machines presented the typical technical defects of the prototypes being designed and made each time for the purpose.
Since the beginning, Ecomacchine S.p.A. organized a modular production, making equipment which can meet the many various needs the engineerings companies have but designed to employ repeatedly the same or similar components which makes them even more reliable.
Ecomacchine S.p.A., led by a small group of engineers who had gained a remarkable experience working for enterprises who were leaders in this field, in order to rapidly reach the purpose it was founded for, bought all the "Dytan Company" know-how, who was one of the leaders in the waste water treatment plant components in Switzerland, at that time.
Since then on Ecomacchine S.p.A. has been able to operate successfully, developing their experience and knowledge and improving the equipment manufactured. In this way they could be qualified as supplier by some of the petrolchemical world leading companies such as Petrola, Technipetrol, Amoco, and its quality control plan was even certified by Foster & Wheeler in 1983, until they reached the present leading position in the Italian market, for the wide range of standard products offered as well as the turnover achieved.