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Application Screening of civil and industrial waste water.
Characteristics The machine is equipped with a continuous-cycle filtering belt.
Operation The coarse solids are retained by the belt and discharged into a container, out of the machine. The belt is brushed and washed with water.
Materials Compact machine: stainless steel.
Installation Out of the channel.
Belt width 1200 – 2100 – 3000 mm
Degree of filtration From 150 microns to 2 mm..
Advantages Continuous filtration, suitable for water containing grease, filaments of fibers and any substances which tend to clog the normal rotary drum screens.
Opzioni High pressure washing system.e



The machine operation is controlled by a Pause-ON timer.
According to the type of application, the machine operation can be controlled by a level measurer placed in the feed tank or by a sensor in the feed or drain pipe.
The water to be treated goes to the feed tank and is distributed all over the belt surface.
The machine is operated by a geared motor which controls its rotation.
The filtration occurs by gravity and the solid material retained by the filtering belt is removed by a system of motorized rotary brushes. After the removal of the retained material, the belt is washed in continuous by means of a washing system using water. This keeps the belt always clean.
The feeding is made by gravity or by means of a pump.


1.1 Feed flow rate : m³/hr  
1.1 Suspended solids in the water to be treated : p.p.m.    
1.2 Minimum size of the solids to be separated : micron    
1.3 Model to be used : EM 100/1200 100/2100 100/3000
1.4 Filtering belt width : mm 1200 2100 3000
1.5 Filtering belt speed : mt/min. 1,6-8,5 1,6-8,5 1,6-8,5
1.6 Maximum opening of the filtering meshes : micron    
Services required
Wash water
1.7 Flow rate : m3/hr 1,2 2 3
1.8 Head : Bar 20 20 20
Compressed air
1.9 Flow rate : lt/min. 250 250 250
1.10 Pressure : Bar 7 7 7
Electric equipments
1.11 Belt drive : Kw 0,55 0,75 1,5
1.12 Cleaning brush : Kw 0,37 0,37 0,37
1.13 High pressure water pump (optional) : Kw 4 5,5 7,5
1.14 Air compressor : Kw 2,2 2,2 2,2
1.15 Submersible pump for washwater evacuation : Kw 0,55 0,75 1,1

The material of construction used is normally stainless steel.