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Application Evacuation of the floating material.
Characteristics The equipment is made of a rotary slotted pipe and a regulation unit.
Material Galvanized or stainless steel
Optional Motorized control



By turning the control handwheel in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction, a bronze nut screw on which a screw is engaged rotates too.
The screw moves, upwards or downwards, together with a rack which is integral to the screw.
The rack is engaged on a crown wheel which makes the oil skimmer pipe rotate.

The scraper bridge is finishing his return run with the skimming blade down and conveys the floating material towards the oil skimmer. 
When the skimming blade gets next to the oil skimmer, the pipe is rotated till the longitudinal slots are partially submerged and the floating material flows out.
This operation can be repeated after a certain number of operation cycles or the oil skimmer pipe position can be adjusted to achieve a constant minimum, but sufficient, evacuation of the floating material.
This gives rise to a surface calling effect which, also increased by the skimming blade approach, collects the floating material and conveys it out. 


The following data are required to make a quotation
1.1 Tank width : m3/h
1.2 Pipe diameter : m.
1.3 Material  

Moreover you should specify whether the oil skimmer pipe shall be manual or motorized.