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Application Evacuation of dewatered sludge or screened material.
Characteristics The machine is equipped with a rotary screw which carries the solid material.
Material Painted or galvanized or stainless steel.
Modelli EM49 A1 Horizontal screw with shaft
EM49 A2 Inclined fixed screw with shaft
EM49 A3 Inclined swinging screw with shaft
EM49 A4 R/L Horizontal screw with shaft
EM49 B1 Horizontal shaftless screw
EM49 B2 Inclined fixed shaftless screw
EM49 B3 Inclined swinging shaftless screw
EM49 B4 R/L shaftless horizontal screw


The following data are required to make a quotation
1.1 Length : m3  
1.2 Screw diameter : mm 500
1.3 Load height : m  
1.4 Discharge height : m  
1.5 Required capacity