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The Rotary Drum and Gravity Table Sludge Thickeners are simple and compact equipments. The water separation from sludge occurs by gravity as the sludge is filtered over a draining cloth. The separated water goes through the cloth while the thickened sludge is retained on it. For a correct thickening of the sludge it must be mixed with a proper polymer solution.



Municipal wastewater treatment 

Dyeing industry wastewater treatment

Breweries wastewater treatment

Food industry

Textile industry

Diary industry

Oil & gas industry



Rotary drums pre-dewatering units

Flow rate capacity: 5-80 m3/hr

Drum diameter: 600-1200 mm.

Drum length: 1500-3000 mm.


Gravity belt deck predewatering units

Flow rate capacity: 50-150 m3/hr

Belt width: 1200-3000 mm.